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reblog this if you wish people would randomly send you a compliment in your ask.


once you reblog this randomly pick someone who re-blogged and send them a compliment. let’s see how many people’s day this can make.

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thank you to whoever sent this in. if you made this please let me know so I can give you credit!

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sometimes you’re the person telling the funny joke that takes everyone a second to get. so for once you’re not feeling like an idiot for not understanding the joke

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A lyric picture for one of my very own original songs, It would mean the world to me if you posted it on your page! Thanks, Aaron :)

thanks Aaron for your lyrics!
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beaversnothome asked: Inspirational


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remember being taught PEMDAS in math class? well most teachers will say just remember it as “please excuse my dear aunt sally” I have changed it to “please excuse my dirty anal sex” have fun remembering this in the middle of math class

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Three Cheers For Five Years, Mayday Parade

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R.I.P to an amazing man. he will be missed by so many.

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officially cancer free woah

why doesn’t this have more notes?

this needs so many more notes.

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Garret’s speech at the Detroit/Michigan warped tour date yesterday pt 2 I’m still so so thankful I got this on video

this is me! so thankful to the color morale for everything they are such amazing people

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I don’t know if anyone else notice this but tampons kinda look like those cartoon drawings of sperm. did anyone else notice that or is it just me?

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please watch this. that’s all i’m asking.

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